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Amarin aims for Vascepa boom with doubled sales force nearly in place


Amarin scored an FDA win with blockbuster potential last year when its fish oil-derivative Vascepa received a heart-helping nod on top of statins. Now, with Amarin’s fleshed out salesforce nearly in place and prescriptions soaring, the drugmaker is ready to take Vascepa to the next level. 

Amarin closed 2019 with a whopping 87% increase in revenue to $429 million, riding skyrocketing prescriptions for Vascepa, which jumped 78% on the year, the company said Wednesday. 

In a fourth-quarter earnings call with analysts, CEO John Thero said Amarin’s doubled salesforce of 800 reps was nearly in place and ready to capitalize on the FDA’s label expansion of Vascepa in December to include a risk reduction of cardiovascular events in patients with abnormally high triglycerides. 

“I think we’ve hired terrific people,” Thero said. “We’ve got terrific managers, the launch materials are crisp, it’s nice to be out with an FDA label, which makes the description of what we’re doing much easier. I think the other promotional materials and particularly the DTC advertising, I think it’s going to help lift things considerably.”

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