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Asda’s Christmas dinner pizza is topped with pigs in blankets


It’s fair to say that 2018 has been a year for experimental junk food. We’ve seen deep fried hamburgers, vegan fish and chips, and a ‘chippy tea’ pizza topped with mushy peas, sausages and curry sauce, to name just three.

Christmas dinner and pizza are two of the most comforting meals you can lay your hands on, so we welcome what we can only hope is the final mealtime mash-up of the year: Asda’s Christmas dinner pizza, with its myriad of festive trimmings.

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The base – which essentially functions as a sauce-covered edible dinner plate – is topped with pigs in blankets, turkey, sage and onion stuffing balls, and two different cheese varieties. It comes with a handy sachet of cranberry sauce to drizzle over the entire thing when it’s fresh out of the oven.

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Not sold? Last year Asda trialled a festive pizza topped with Brussels sprouts, so this year’s edition is a gigantic step forward by comparison. So far, the pizza has had mixed reviews online, but most people seem to be into it. 

“Oh my god, all of my dreams have come true. I’m gonna get one asap,” one person wrote on a picture posted by Instagram food blogger Newfoodsuk. Another added: “I am obsessed”.

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Priced at £2.30 for a 10 inch and £3.50 for a 14 inch, the limited edition treat is frankly an absolute steal. Grab one while you can, or risk making your own DIY version on Boxing Day. Your call. 

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