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6 Remarkable Advantages of Honey and Cinnamon


6 Remarkable Advantages of Honey and Cinnamon


  • Honey and cinnamon are 2 of the most power loaded active ingredients
  • Honey has a long standing credibility of including medical homes
  • Cinnamon is a scrumptious and extremely fragrant spice typically discovered in India

Honey and cinnamon are 2 of the most effective kitchen area active ingredients that are frequently discovered in Indian families for different cooking as well as medical functions. Exactly what if you integrate the 2? Let’s discover more about the fantastic advantages of honey and cinnamon.
Advantages of Honey

Honey has a long standing credibility of including medical residential or commercial properties which are outstanding for both skin and hair. Due to its acidic level, it is typically utilized as an anti-bacterial and has anti-oxidants that ward off any totally free radicals (harmful cells) in the body. Honey likewise has a low hypoglycemic index that assists manage your blood sugar levels.

honeyHoney has plentiful minerals and enzymes that assist in constructing strong resistance

Advantages of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a tasty and extremely fragrant spice typically utilized to include an unique flavour and fragrance in baked products. Cinnamon is packed with anti-oxidants that safeguard the body from cell harmful representatives. It assists the body to battle repair work and infections tissue damage.

cinnamon 625

Cinnamon is flavorsome and extremely fragrant spice utilized for medical functions

Mix of Honey and Cinnamon: Is it a Wonder Remedy?

It is a recognized reality that honey and cinnamon provide plenty of advantages when taken in separately, nevertheless, the essential concern is do they make an exceptional mix together? Both honey and cinnamon are anti-inflammatory, likewise battle allergic reactions and enhance your resistance system. Take an appearance at the following advantages of honey and cinnamon when taken in together.

1. Helpful For Recovering Injuries

Honey includes hydrogen peroxide which is efficient in preventing bacterial development, which even more speeds up injury recovery. Apply cinnamon oil blended with honey on the injuries triggered by infections or any other condition for finest outcomes.

healing wounds honey

When integrated recover injuries due to the existence of anti-bacterial residential or commercial properties, recovery injuries honeyBoth

2. Helpful for Diabetics

Cinnamon and honey are exceptional for decreasing blood sugar level levels. While cinnamon decreases the blood glucose by increasing insulin level of sensitivity, honey is a much healthier option to refined sugar. Diabetics need to take in honey with care, and just after consulting their medical professional, as it is not devoid of calories.

diabetesHoney and cinnamon aid in lowing blood sugar level levels

3. They Fight Numerous Allergic Reactions

Cinnamon has necessary oils that assist treating numerous allergic reactions Honey is abundant in pollen which can improve your body immune system and assists develop tolerance versus these allergic reactions and naturally battle them. When 2 of them are taken in together, they have the tendency to increase the body immune system of the body.

kids allergiesHoney and cinnamon improve the resistance system additional avoiding allergic reactions.

4. A Fantastic Remedy for Irregularity

Cinnamon supplies an antispasmodic result and hence, avoids gaseous developments in your stomach. It likewise consists of potassium that assists to stabilize acid build-up in your body.

Honey and cinnamon promote food digestion

5. Both Battle Skin Issues

Both are filled with anti-bacterial homes and assist combating skin issues like dead skin cells, excess oil secretion and breakouts (acne and pimple). Manuka honey or raw honey has antimicrobial residential or commercial properties that make it a terrific representative for minimizing breakouts.

pimple acne

Honey and cinnamon assist get rid of dead skin cells to prevent from breakouts

6. Power-Packed with Anti-oxidants

Both honey and cinnamon are loaded with plentiful anti-oxidants that are fantastic for your total health and wellness. Honey is abundant in phenol anti-oxidants that might help in reducing the threat of cardiovascular disease. The mix can be extremely helpful for battling totally free radicals in the body and avoiding the threat of a number of persistent illness.


Honey and cinnamon have plentiful anti-oxidants

The best ways to Consume them Together

Shilpa recommends that you might take in honey and cinnamon water first thing in the early morning to cleanse the body and clean. Raw honey applied to your skin can work as a natural moisturizer. One might merely include honey and cinnamon instead of sugar to your hot cup of tea or coffee for a recovery increase.

Here are some more types of honey and cinnamon that can be taken in together recommended by Nutritional expert and Dietitian Mehar Rajput from FITPASS:

– If you’re aiming to drop weight, take one teaspoon honey and one 4th teaspoon cinnamon in one glass of water every day. Consume this Thirty Minutes prior to breakfast on empty stomach and in the evening prior to sleeping. This will assist you lose those couple of additional pounds.

If hair loss is your issue have cinnamon included in olive oil and use it on your hair two times a week.

honey cinnamon

When integrated together are excellent for a healthy body and skin, Honey and cinnamon

– To lower your cholesterol level, take 2 teaspoon honey+ 3 teaspoon cinnamon in water and consume it through the day.

– For PCOS soak cinnamon powder in one glass of water over night and beverage on an empty stomach through the day. This can assist promote and manage the menstrual cycle fertility.

– To obtain your skin radiant naturally, include one teaspoon of raw honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon in a bowl and mix it into a paste. Use it on your face utilizing a brush or your fingers and leave it for 20 minutes prior to washing it off with lukewarm water. As soon as or two times a week for finest outcomes, utilize this face mask.


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