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Why Are Milkshakes Not the very best Concept According to Ayurveda


Why Are Milkshakes Not the very best Concept According to Ayurveda

The goodness of newly cut fruits mixed with the ever so nutritious milk, believe there can’t be a mixture as healthy as this? Turns out that matching these two healthy foods might not always result in a healthy mix. According to Ayurveda, one such food mix you should remain away from is that of milk and fruits – which puts our very dear milkshake on the hot seat.

According to the ‘The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies’, by Dr. Vasant Lad, all sour fruits, bananas, mangoes and melons, ought to never be mixed with milk and yogurt.

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The book notes, “Particularly to be prevented are mixtures like banana milkshakes or fruit shakes made with milk.” It further goes on to describe why bananas and milk are to be prevented together, “Bananas with milk can reduce agni (stomach fire) and change the digestive tract flora, leading to toxic substances and causing sinus blockage, cold, cough, allergies, hives and rash,” points out the book.

Fruits tend to be acidic in nature specifically the ones that aren’t fully ripe, in mix with milk, it causes coagulation. Our body requires different enzymes to break the protein from milk and a different one to break down fruits. The fruit and milk, consequently confuses the digestion process of the body.

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Ayurvedic professional Dr. Dhanvantri Tyagi discusses the physiology behind the milk and fruits mix in the body, “Fruits and milk are two of the most nutrition thick foods that you must have, but ideally alone. If taken together, it leads to tremendous energy release in the body. And when this excess of energy is not used by body- it starts getting kept in fat cells and result in weight gain.

The combination likewise results in aggravation of kapha, so it is definitely not recommended for Kapha kind of people. The post-digestion material of the combination also increases hyperactivity in the system, that hinders the process of tissue generation. ”

The next time you choose a glass of milkshake, a minimum of make sure the fruits are not of the extremely sour kinds.


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