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Tips for Saving Time, Money and Making Healthy Choices at the Grocery


Is eating healthier one of your family’s New Year’s resolutions? Making meals at home is a great way to achieve that goal. However, more cooking at your house means that you’ll have to make more trips to the grocery store—and the grocery can be overwhelming. So many aisles, choices, and labels!

That’s why we’ve compiled this checklist to help you make the most of your grocery shopping trip. Here are a few practical ideas for saving time, money, and making healthy choices:


Tips for Saving Time, Money, and Making Healthy Choices at the Grocery Store

Keep a running shopping list in your kitchen (or phone!) to avoid extra shopping trips

Organize your list to match store categories

Check supermarket specials and plan menus around them

Clip coupons for items you need

Avoid doing your shopping while you are hungry

Shop the perimeter; the healthiest food sections (produce, fresh meat, seafood, dairy) are usually found there

Shop from a list; it reduces extra shopping trips and helps with impulse buying

Read food labels as you shop

Buy in the quantities you can use

Pay attention at checkout

Buy fresh fruits and vegetables in season

Stock up on non-perishable foods when they are on sale

Compare prices using the unit price on the shelf, as well as national, store, and generic brands

Match food quality to the recipe

Consider using a pick-up or delivery service; it can help you save time and money

Repackage into ‘meal-sized’ portions before freezing or storing

Rotate your food supply – ‘first in, first out’

Clean fresh produce so it’s ready to use

Store perishable items in a visible location

Post your menus for the week

Start a new shopping list


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