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Fitbit launches new enterprise-only products as part of new strategy


As direct-to-consumer digital health companies continue to pivot to enterprise sales strategies, one of the most prominent wearables companies is leaning into its new business line with enterprise-only products.

San Francisco, California-based Fitbit quietly launched two new devices, the Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Inspire HR, designed specifically for health plans, employers and health systems.

The devices feature capabilities including activity and sleep tracking, smartphone connected notifications and movement reminders, with the HR variation having the additional abilities around heart rate and location tracking.

“(I)n offering these affordable devices to health plans, employers and health systems now, we can reach a broader population and expand our work with the healthcare system for the 2019 plan year,” a Fitbit spokesperson said in an email statement.

The models are available exclusively through Fitbit Health Solutions, the company’s enterprise division and fits into the company’s Fitbit Care connected health platform.

Fitbit Care was launched last year as part of an effort to shore up the company’s enterprise business as a platform that wraps in health coaching and virtual care, along with the company’s existing activity tracking services.

The company has been shifting its business from a central focus on consumer devices to a diversified enterprise-based recurring revenue model based on the development of wellness and health management software applications.

With the increased competition in the wearables space from companies like Apple, Fitbit has turned to health coaching and chronic disease management as a promising business line, highlighted by the company’s acquisition of health coaching startup Twine Health in 2018.

But competitors are also honing in on the payer space, with recent reports saying that Apple has been in discussions with Medicare Advantage plans to subsidize the cost of its Apple Watch.

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