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Activate Care launches team-based Covid-19 monitoring toolkit, free for 60 days



Activate Care, a nationally-recognized provider of integrated health and social care solutions, announced today the general availability of their Team-Based COVID-19 Monitoring Toolkit, a pre-configured care management solution built within the Activate CareHubTM platform. Activate Care is offering this technology solution to help government agencies, public health teams, and health and human services organizations to track potential COVID-19 cases, monitor those that are already in the system, and get every stakeholder in the community on the same page for an effective response to this long-term crisis.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a challenge that we at Activate Care have long sought to solve,” said Ted Quinn, CEO and Co-Founder, Activate Care. “Namely, how communities can come together to achieve better health outcomes that last, especially for people living with complex health and social needs. In the midst of the current crisis, we see the efforts of countless care providers and caregivers across the country, and you have inspired us to do all that we can to help.”

With resources expected to remain severely constrained in the weeks and months ahead, interested organizations are invited to apply for the Team-Based COVID-19 Monitoring Toolkit today. By submitting a short application, Activate Care’s Implementation team will kick off the creation of your app, free for 60 days, pending the COVID-19 pandemic status. Every COVID-19 Toolkit from Activate Care comes equipped with the following capabilities:

Data collection for CDC criteria, symptoms, and risk level

We give you tools to track key data for each patient, such as COVID current status, test status, level of risk, date of most recent testing, and symptomology.

Test tracking and data visualization on local and national levels

We have already configured reports in our Toolkit app that help your team to see key health indicators for your population, operational metrics, geographic reach, and more.

Community collaboration across agencies

We built the Toolkit inside our nationally-recognized collaboration platform — the Activate CareHubTM — with tools to help you plan and manage your community’s public health needs.

Outreach tools to see patient interactions over time

We provide your team with the tracking and project management tools you need for creating a running log of interactions with each patient, including time tracking as needed.

Tools for assessing unmet social needs 

The right thing to do is ensure we all have what we need to be well. Our Toolkit comes with the PRAPARE screening for social determinants of health to help you understand health-related social needs.

Video conferencing for telehealth from Zoom

Our HIPAA-compliant Zoom app integration with Activate Care provides a modern, simplified telehealth process and improves the experience for patients and providers.

“All of us at Activate Care are committed to doing everything we can to help combat the effects of this virus and save lives,” said Quinn. “I am so proud of the tireless efforts of our staff to configure our free Team-Based Monitoring Toolkit application for COVID-19. We are available to support you remotely and we will continue to focus on helping you improve care delivery, especially during this crisis. I wish you your team health during this period as we all work together to minimize the implications of this virus on our communities.”

Sign up for access to the Team-Based COVID-19 Monitoring Toolkit, free for 60 days, or join Activate Care’s upcoming SDOH MasterClass webinar to learn how communities across the country are implementing successful SDOH interventions, including COVID-19 response strategies.

About Activate Care

Imagine if our healthcare system seamlessly coordinated care around all of our physical, behavioral, and social needs. With Activate Care, this is the new standard of care. The Activate CareHubTM platform offers everything communities need to manage high-quality care coordination programs linked to networks of community-based organizations. Visit www.activatecare.com to learn why hundreds of organizations across the country trust Activate Care to help them address social determinants of health, for community health outcomes that last.

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