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Attention healthcare startups: Check out the benefits of MedCitizen membership


The MedCity News MedCitizens program for healthcare startups is aimed at improving their visibility on our website, helping them connect with potential customers among our readership and sharing news to highlight milestones in their company’s development.

MedCitizen members get a Founders’ story — a Q&A that enables entrepreneurs to share their perspective of why they moved into healthcare and how they hope to address some of the pain points in healthcare from improving diabetes management and medical billing to reducing adverse events. 

Also included in a MedCitizen membership: 

  • Share news up to 52 weeks per year (no more than 250 words);
  • Free admission to Pitch Perfect competitions at MedCity Events, (members selected by judges to pitch receive a discounted rate)
  • Receive 50% off list price for all MedCity Events tickets;
  • Receive 50% off advertising on MedCity News (up to $2,500 discount);
  • Receive 50% off job posts in 2019.

Follow this link to join.

In the eight months since MedCity News launched the MedCitizens program for healthcare startups keen to bring their new developments to our readers’ attention, we have welcomed several new members to the network.

They include:

Philadelphia behavioral health startup NeuroFlow co-founder and CEO Chris Molaro shared his assessment of the program: 

“Partnering with MedCity news has proven to be invaluable in many ways.  They are effectively a platform, with multiple mediums, to help gain access for your business to a relative audience.  Between our weekly news updates, job postings and access to their events – our team has been able to highlight important updates to the market, attract the best talent and build relationships with industry leaders.”

 In addition to a $495 annual membership rate for startups, we also offer economic development organizations, incubators, accelerators and PRs special rates. Contact Shatiqua Murrell at [email protected] to learn how you or your organization can become a MedCitizen member today.

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