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Cerner challenges developers to create apps for improved health record access


Health IT vendor Cerner has revealed a new challenge that asks developers to improve patients’ access to EHRs, according to a company news release.

Dubbed the 2019 code App Challenge, the contest encourages participants to build apps on Cerner’s platforms.

Submissions can be at any stage of development, and participants can work independently, with a team or in collaboration with a hospital.

Submitted apps have to focus on consumers’ ability to access, understand and use health information in the EHR. They also must be compatible with Cerner Ignite APIs for the Millennium EHR in the code sandbox, though Cerner is willing to help with that.

The deadline to submit is August 16, 2019.

Semifinalists get complimentary tickets to the Cerner Health Conference and code Learning Lab in October in Kansas City. They can then build their demo in the code sandbox and present it to judges.

Ultimately, the winner will get a one-year membership to the code Developer Program, where engineers can help the app through the validation process. If the winning app completes the validation process, it will be added to Cerner’s code App Gallery, which includes apps created by developers who used Cerner APIs. There are more than 30 apps in the gallery, such as an app from Rimidi, which tackles diabetes management.

“Putting the person at the center of care by improving consumer access to medical information encourages active participation in healthcare,” said John Gresham, Cerner’s senior vice president of health networks, in a statement. “Embedding consumer-centric apps in the EHR can drive patient engagement, increase awareness of healthcare costs and improve overall health outcomes.”

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