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Cleveland Clinic launches new center to promote AI innovation


The Cleveland Clinic has launched a new center meant to promote and organize its efforts to use AI in healthcare.

Dubbed the Center for Clinical Artificial Intelligence, the new center will be focused on innovation around using AI and machine learning in clinical practice and healthcare delivery.

The center – which sits under the Cleveland Clinic Enterprise Analytics umbrella – is meant to act as a central point to convene clinicians researchers, engineers and technologists to conduct research and develop best practices for the use of AI in medicine.

By creating a named center around innovation in AI, the health system hopes to speed up efforts to leverage the data assets from their patient population to develop models to help predict potential clinical issues and readmission risks.

The director of the center, Cleveland Clinic hematologist and oncologist Dr. Aziz Nazha has previously developed personalized machine-learning prediction models for various cancers.

“Cleveland Clinic has formed the Center for Clinical Artificial Intelligence to translate AI-based concepts into clinical tools that will improve patient care and advance medical research,” Nazha said in a statement.

Cleveland Clinic has positioned the effective use of AI technology as key to the organization’s health IT roadmap. In its annual list of top ten innovation and medical trends of 2019, AI came in number two with potential applications including decision support, image analysis and patient triage.

The move by Cleveland Clinic follows efforts by healthcare organizations like UC Irvine Health System, which launched the UCI Center for Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Medicine in 2018

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