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DocASAP and HealthSparq collaborate to help payers improve the member experience


HealthSparq, a Portland, Oregon-based company that provides health plan members with cost and quality information about doctors and medical services, has joined forces with Herndon, Virginia-based DocASAP, a patient access and engagement platform for health systems and payers.

Through their partnership, the organizations seek to help health plans improve member satisfaction by enabling better access to quality, in-network providers.

More specifically, they will integrate DocASAP’s real-time online scheduling with HealthSparq’s provider and cost search capabilities in one platform.

“Our complementary solutions can help us deliver better health care experiences for members and drive greater efficiency for providers and health plans,” HealthSparq CEO Mark Menton said in a news release.

The ultimate goal is to make it more efficient for members to get the care they need.

In a statement, DocASAP co-founder and CEO Puneet Maheshwari added: “We are proud to partner with HealthSparq, a like-minded company that promotes member engagement, to help support a healthier population, reduce the costs of health care and deliver positive care experiences for patients.”

In other recent news from HealthSparq, the organization teamed up with Pager, a New York City company offering a platform that connects individuals to care. Its tool enables users to chat with nurses, talk to a doctor via video and schedule appointments with providers. By partnering, Pager and HealthSparq aim to help consumers better evaluate their care options.

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