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How Besse Medical is innovating in inventory management


West Chester, Ohio-based Besse Medical is a distributor of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and ancillary supplies. The company, which also happens to be a division of AmerisourceBergen, is making its mark in the inventory management sector.

The organization offers clients two types of inventory management systems.

The first, called CubixxMD, is essentially a refrigerator-based radio-frequency identification (RFID) tracking system available to physicians. Clients also have the option to use CubixxMD through the desktop version and mobile app. Pharmaceuticals arrive pre-tagged with RFID tags. They are also individually serialized and lot tracked, which makes it easy to track the product’s journey to the patient through the CubixxMD system.

“When it comes to dispensing drugs, the main goal of CubixxMD is not only to track [pharmaceuticals] … but also to give practices the ability to link that to a patient,” Besse Medical vice president of business information solutions Eric Besse explained in a phone interview.

Besse Medical’s other inventory management system is known as PODIS Plus. In 2017, Besse acquired Physician Office Drug Inventory System (PODIS), a cloud-based inventory and billing reconciliation system, and rebranded it as PODIS Plus. The system is not refrigerator-based, but it does use serialization.

PODIS Plus tackles “more than just inventory management,” Besse said.

Through it, practices can place and manage orders from Besse Medical and partners, view inventory across their locations, track shipments, gain financial insights and more.

Besse noted that there are a couple EMRs that CubixxMD and PODIS Plus integrate with.

Besse Medical also has a partnership with Systeem Medical, a healthcare IT company based in Dallas, Texas. Systeem built a technology called Systeem Connect, which helps alert physicians when their patients qualify for patient assistance programs. The solution pre-populates information from the EHR, so patients can use a tablet to review their data and enroll.

Systeem Medical has brought that approach to Besse Medical. When a drug that requires a patient access form is dispensed, one of Besse Medical’s inventory management systems will alert the physician by sending a form to a Systeem tablet in the exam room. Again, much of the patient’s information is pre-populated, meaning the physician and patient can quickly review and sign.

Besse described it this way: “What [Systeem] designed was a tablet mobile solution that integrates with EMR systems but also integrates with our inventory management systems.”

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