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11 Best Cardio Workouts That Aren’t Running


For some guys, there’s nothing better than a good long run. Jogging for hours can give you a chance to clear your head, get out of the house, and burn through calories — all great perks you won’t get from sitting on the coach.

Lots of guys love the benefits they get from running, but hate the monotony of the activity. These sad sloggers only keep it up because they know its good for them. At a 10-minute-per-mile pace — roughly the average guy’s marathon pace — you’ll fry about 10 calories a minute, which isn’t too shabby. Once you up that pace, you can burn even more, but the scenery probably won’t get any more interesting even though it’s zooming by a little faster. If anything, resentful runners will only feel worse, because the task just gets harder.

Thankfully, non-runners shouldn’t feel like they’re trapped in a jogger’s world if they want to quickly burn up some calories. If running isn’t your favorite cardio exercise, there are plenty of other workouts that can help you torch calories at a lightning fast rate.

“In general, you burn more calories by doing high-intensity weight training than you do running,” Harold Gibbons, a trainer at Mark Fisher Fitness in New York City, and the New York State Director of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, told Menshealth.com.

As you can see from all the unhappy laggers on the roads and on treadmills who rarely step foot into the weight room, many people don’t realize this. That’s often because the number of calories you’re told you just burned is typically estimated from The Compendium of Physical Activities, which calculates energy expended through aerobic metabolism.

That works well for low- to medium-intensity exercise, but not so well for higher-intensity activities that rely on anaerobic metabolism.

In fact, when researchers at the University of Southern Maine used a more advanced method to estimate energy expenditure during exercise, they found that weight training burns up to 71 percent more calories than originally thought. Which suggests that a fast-paced circuit workout burns as many calories as running at a 6-minute per mile pace.

But resistance training isn’t your only option for cardio exercise. There are other, more exciting workouts that can boost your burn, too. We found 12 cardio exercises that will help you incinerate calories—without ever having to spend a boring hour circling a jogging loop.

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