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Asthma Inhalers Are About To Run Out In The UK


Asthma sufferers are now being warned of an inhaler shortage in the UK following a supply issue of Bricanyl Turbohaler. 

Likely to last for the next few weeks, hundreds of thousands of people are being advised to make sure that they have enough supply of Bricanyl Turbohaler to last through winter in order to avoid being affected. 

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Owing to a supply shortage, Bricanyl Turbohalers are being used by over 500,000 people in the UK, according to Asthma UK. Currently one in 11 people (5.4 million) in the UK suffer from asthma, with the condition claiming up to three lives a day on average. 

“Stocks are very low in the UK at the moment,” said Asthma UK’s Dr Andy Whittamore. “The manufacturers have confirmed to us that there are likely to be a few weeks (from November 2018) without a supply – but that they are working on getting the production line up and running as quickly as possible.”

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With asthma sufferers being warned of the shortage, Asthma UK is encouraging patients to schedule a visit with their local GP to ensure they have an adequate supply to last through winter. In winter, cold, dry air and heightened respiratory infections can often worsen asthma and make asthma attacks considerably more fatal.

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According to Asthma UK, there are several ways to reduce winter’s effect on your asthma:

– Carry your reliever inhaler with you at all times and keep taking your regular preventer inhaler as prescribed by your doctor

– Check with your GP or asthma nurse that you’re using your inhaler(s) correctly 

– Go for regular asthma reviews

– If you need to use your inhaler more often than usual, or use more puffs, speak to your doctor about reviewing your medication

– Try breathing in through your nose instead of your mouth, to warm the air as you breathe it in 

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Doctors are aware of the shortage of Bricanyl Turbohalers, and are ready to help patients with other medicine if necessary. Please see your local GP for asthma and inhaler advice. 

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