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How to Choose the Right Nutrition Certification


If you’re interested in becoming a Nutrition Coach, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re entering the field at the right time. Nutrition is a hot topic these days – especially in the fitness world. There is such an overwhelming amount of information (and misinformation), people are desperate for knowledgeable Nutrition Coaches to help them clarify which foods and diets are best for them.

The ironic thing
is, when it comes to nutrition coaching courses,
there also happens to be an immense amount to choose from. All of them claim to
have the latest science, data, and coaching techniques. But how do you know
which one’s the best for you? (There should be a Coach for Nutrition Coaching

Here’s good news: The National Academy of Sports Medicine – or NASM – has introduced a brand-new program called Nutrition Certification, and it may just check all of your boxes.

In this article,
we’ll take a closer look as to why it stands out from the crowd – and why
there’s never been a nutrition coaching program like it.

The Science of Nutrition

Unless you have a
doctorate degree, or a cooking docu-series, it’s a bit of a challenge to know
everything about every food and beverage everywhere in the world.

But, you can focus on the foods and nutrients
that most people eat, and learn about how they affect our bodies.

NASM Nutrition Certification thoroughly examines these nutrients – especially ones that have been a source of controversy for decades – like proteins, fats, alcohol, vitamins, minerals, supplements, and more.

You’ll also find
chapters on energy balance and metabolism, nutrient timing, as well as food
preferences and influences.

Other courses on the market cover similar science – but, strangely enough, without applying it to real-world situations; like how to properly stock your fridge or pantry, or how to cook a healthy meal.

If Nutrition Coaches
can’t clearly bridge the gap between science and everyday diets and behaviors, is
there any point in absorbing all of these amazing nutrition facts, diagrams,
and figures?

The science
needed to be “coachable.” That’s why the creators behind NASM’s Nutrition Certification
made certain to condense all of these nutrition facts and figures into accessible,
teachable lessons. Ones that you’ll enjoy learning – and that’ll make your
clients thrilled they hired you.

Changing Behaviors

One area of
nutrition coaching that’s grown in recent years is behavior change, or the
psychology as to why people get stuck in dietary patterns – and how best to
break out of them for good.

NASM’s Nutrition Certification devotes an entire section to this fascinating territory, as well as powerful, effective techniques nutrition coaches can use with their clients, including motivational interviewing and goal setting.

These methods
have been proven time and time again in several industries –including medical,
fitness, and wellness – and have helped thousands of people change their
self-destructive eating and drinking habits.

 NASM is proud to include behavior change as
part of their nutrition-coaching program. We consider it to be a crucial part
of the curriculum. After you take the program, we’re certain you’ll consider all
of this cutting-edge psychology vitally important as well.

Let’s Go Coach!

The final part of
nutrition coaching programs is usually always – you guessed it – coaching!

As the world’s most trusted name in fitness certification for over 30 years, NASM’s learned a thing or two about people. And one thing we know for certain: every person is different. Backgrounds, food allergies, dietary preferences, religious restrictions, and other factors: All of these characteristics make us unique.

It’s for that
very reason that NASM Nutrition Certification takes a more nuanced – one might
even say revolutionary – approach: we’ll show you how to tailor your coaching
to any client, from any background, with any kind of food preferences or restrictions.

In other words, you
can individualize your approach to
the person, their goals, and unique
living environment.

You’ll find the
coaching exercises to be robust, filled with applicable strategies that both
you and your clients can apply to just about any situation, such as navigating grocery
shopping, eating out in restaurants, reading food labels, the truth about fad
diets, and much more.

No matter who
your clients are, or what their dietary challenges might be, you’ll find
yourself well-versed in ways to help guide your clients through precarious pitfalls
that lurk just about everywhere in real life.

The combination
of coaching, along with the previous two sections – nutrition science and
behavior change – will make you one powerful Nutrition Coach.

The Price of a Healthy Career

So, how much does
a Nutrition Coaching program cost? Seems the sky’s the limit as far as how much
someone can pay. And yet, you may not necessarily be getting the best value for
the money.

For example,
other program feature content that might not be up to date. You may not be able
to learn around your schedule. Or the program might not be compatible with all
of your devices.

NASM’s Nutrition
Certification provides an excellent value for the money, offering the most
cutting-edge information and science available, at one of the most affordable
prices on the market.

Plus, you can
learn when you want, on the device of your preference such as your computer,
tablet or even your smart phone!

Finally, with NASM’s Nutrition Certification, as soon as you enroll, you can access the course immediately – no waiting for a set start date.

Making the Right Choice

NASM’s Nutrition
Certification has been designed with your success in mind, instilling “a-ha!”
moments in each and every chapter, thus making the content all the more

It’s because of
the unique way we designed the content that we’re able to empower NASM
Certified Nutrition Coaches with a seamless transition into real-world
situations. You’ll notice it from the very first week, and continue enjoying
the robust content all the way up to certification. This is the NASM brand at
work. It’s what we’re known for.

In short, there’s
never been a nutrition certification program like this. Especially one so
affordably priced. As stated at the top, it’s an exciting time to get into the
field of nutrition coaching. And because of NASM’s Nutrition Certification, it
might just be the best time.

Here’s to your
health, and your new nutrition-coaching career!

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