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Puffer Jackets: the 11 best for men


Let’s take a moment here to recognise that puffer jackets are the only sensible outerwear choice this winter. If you want to actually stay warm, well-insulated and dry, regardless of the weather outside, the puffer jacket is unparalleled. Despite being bulky, puffer jackets are generally lightweight and easy to transport. They also offer the most bang for your buck in terms of warmth and versatility thanks to being filled with down. Short of a suit, there isn’t much a puffer jacket won’t look good with, and that includes your gym gear.

Puffer jackets with fur collars

Before we go any further we need to take a moment to talk about puffer jackets with fur collars. Yes, you will find plenty of examples of coats with fur collars. Fur is, after all, extremely warm and a natural insulator. In the UK’s climate though, it’s almost entirely decorative and as this list shows, it’s easy to find a coat that doesn’t use fur. Our advice: you don’t need one. 

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Puffer jackets to defeat winter in

Invest wisely in one of the best puffer jackets for men this year and laugh in the face of the coming winter.

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North Face

This down-filled North Face puffer jacket combines expedition standard technology with streetwear style chops for a double hit of warmth and wearability. The digital repeat pattern on the body also makes it more interesting to look at than a standard, block-colour puffer.

North Face puffer jacket

BUY IT NOW: 1996 Engineered Nuptse jacket, £390.00 

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In the shade of orange favoured by mountain rescue teams because it’s so visible against the Arctic tundra, you won’t be hard to find in this Penfield puffer jacket. You won’t be cold either, courtesy of its quilted insulation.

Penfield Puffer jacket

BUY IT NOW: Equinox Parka Orange £245

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Adidas’ puffer/cotton shell hybrid has plenty in common with a regular hoodie but will keep you far, far warmer once the cold sets in. The quilted hood will keep your neck warm too. Sounds unimportant now, doesn’t it, but say that again once it starts snowing on your ride home.

Adidas puffer jacket

BUY IT NOW: Climawarm jacket £169.95


This is a heavy-duty puffer jacket from The Swoosh but treat it like a mobile duvet and you’ll be able to leave the house with little more than a T-shirt on underneath. Note the handwarmer pockets which, once you’ve got used to, will make it impossible to return to a jacket without them.

Nike puffer jacket

BUY IT NOW: Sportswear windrunner down-filled jacket £129.95

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Inspired by a chance encounter with a member of the Alaskan mountain rescue squad, you can be damn sure this Parajumpers puffer jacket will deal with a British winter in style. The moss green is a decent alternative to all the navy and black available at this time of year, too.

Parajumpers puffer jacket

BUY IT NOW: Sheen Dillon £406

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Representing some of the best value on the market, Uniqlo’s lightweight parka punches well above its weight, insulation wise. Down-filled, ensuring it’s warmer than anything else you’ll find at this thickness, it’s hard to beat as a failsafe at the bottom of your rucksack.

Uniqlo Puffer jacket

BUY IT NOW: Ultralight down seamless parka £69.90

River Island

A simple, no-frills puffer jacket from River Island that will reflect light (that last panel is reflective), keeping you warm and safe on even the darkest winter’s evening. The muted colour scheme means you can wear something brighter underneath.

River Island puffer jacket

BUY IT NOW: Reflective puffer jacket £75

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Stone Island

Stone Island make enough technological advances every year to put Apple to shame. Their innovations in dying and fabrication produce some insane results (like the coat that changes colour when it gets cold) but that would all be redundant if they didn’t make outstanding, winter jackets like this.


Stone Island puffer jacket

BUY IT NOW: Hooded down-quilted jacket £625

Canada Goose

If it looks like the next Ice Age is on the way, you could invest in a heavy-duty parka from Canada Goose but your money might be better spent on a smaller but no less efficient down jacket. Easier to transport and wear under a formal coat, this Brookvale jacket is sleek and warm.

Canada Goose Puffer jacket

BUY IT NOW: Brookvale down jacket  £450

Orlebar Brown

Despite being best known for top-notch, tailored swimwear, Orlebar Brown make a mean puffer jacket too. This padded, navy parka will help you make waves, even in the depths of winter, courtesy of its detachable hood and padded finish.

Orlebar Brown Puffer jacket

BUY IT NOW: Albion quilted jacket £395

Z Zegna

An unashamedly retro piece of ski wear from Italian power house Ermenegildo Zegna, this is a jacket that you can ski right off the slopes and into après without breaking a sweat. It will keep you as warm as you are noticeable.

Z Zegna puffer jacket

BUY IT NOW: Nylon padded reversible puffa jacket £830 Z Zegna

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