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These Douk-Douk Pocket Knives Are On Sale for Less Than $30



Douk-Douk Folder



Older doesn’t always mean better. That’s why Apple releases new iPhones and watches like clockwork, why milk has suddenly turned into “moon milk,” and why medicine is always exploring new inventions and advancements.

But for every innovation is an old classic saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Though you might think high-tech, new age pocket knives are the way to go, some knives aren’t broken, so they don’t need fixing. Consider them the Liam Neesons and Harrison Fords of everyday carry. Just ask the minds at Douk-Douk.

Douk-Douk’s folding knives are made in France. They boast carbon steel blades and simple folding construction for your convenience.

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Originally, the knives were built for the everyday working man. Now, they’ve been in production for over 70 years (originating in 1929). For decades, the French Foreign Legion and Armies, have used Douk-Douk tools. Many knife collectors and connoisseurs consider them legendary.

All of that aplomb might leave you thinking the knives come at a high price. Wrong. Instead, the different colored models are both under $30 at Huckberry.

The black blade is just under three inches. At $24.98, it’s got features like a Carbon steel blade, eye-catching etching artwork, and a non-locking slipjoint.

The silver model clocks in with the same stats, including a weight under three ounces, but it’s $26.98.

No matter which style you choose, it’s a steal. And both of the over 70-year-old models prove the truth in that old adage: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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