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US chef makes vegan Thanksgiving ‘ham’ out of watermelon


Pink flesh? Check. Tender and juicy? Check. Well seasoned? Check.

On paper, the Thanksgiving ‘ham’ on the menu at Ducks Eatery in New York’s East Village sounds like your classic roast centrepiece. Except for one glaring point of difference: it’s vegan. And made out of watermelon.

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The creation, by chef Will Horowitz, is prepared in exactly the same way as a ham or pork joint: it’s brined with salt, spice, and ash for four days. The ‘ham’ is then smoked for hours before being basted in an oven with olive oil, rosemary and garlic.

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For a watermelon, it certainly looks the part. And so it should for $75 (around £58). The price is said to reflect the time it takes to make and the fact it serves up to five people. Say what you want, but apparently the locals are loving it.

“It’s not something we expected to have people waiting out the door for. It was just an experiment,” Horowitz told The Guardian.

“Why would you not test these things and see where you can explore and go? Maybe I’ll do a fruit haggis next!”

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