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HLTH conference will spotlight voice-driven tech applications in healthcare


Voice as a user interface in healthcare tech has been gaining ground in recent years and will be a spotlight at the HLTH conference through a partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital.

The Voice.HLTH track will include presentations from industry experts who are pioneering voice transformation in healthcare, including how to address barriers and implementation challenges, according to a press release from HLTH.

Jonathan Weiner, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of HLTH, noted that voice technology is a rapidly developing area of innovation in health.

“We are honored to have Boston Children’s Hospital as a partner to place focus on the latest voice solutions that are making a significant impact across the health ecosystem,” Weiner said.

A pavilion on the exhibit floor will also highlight startups and well-established companies demonstrating their respective approaches to voice technology applications in healthcare. Additionally, a voice hackathon will be part of HACK/HLTH. Developers in the hackathon will create voice technology solutions to improve the healthcare experience.

“The application of voice technology to the practice of health care completely changes the nature of how physicians provide and patients receive — and experience  — healthcare,” said John Brownstein, Chief Innovation Officer of Boston Children’s Hospital. “From consumers interacting through voice interfaces to learning about their health and engaging with the health system, to physicians using voice bots to assist in administrative tasks and care delivery, we are seeing the health industry reimagined by the adoption of voice technology.”

This track will be one part of the larger HLTH conference at the MGM Grand Oct 27-30.

MedCity’s patient engagement conference ENGAGE will also be part of the HLTH conference for the first time this year. ENGAGE at HLTH on October 28 will feature innovators from across the health ecosystem drawing attention to innovations in care delivery, reimbursement, and health tech that are driving the consumerization of health. To register, click here.

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