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Jasper Health raises $25M to expand its cancer care navigation platform


New York City-based startup Jasper Health announced Tuesday that it has raised $25 million to continue improving its cancer care navigation platform, grow its sales and operations teams and invest in research.

The Series A funding round was led by General Catalyst, with Human Capital, W Health Ventures, Redesign Health and 7wireVentures also contributing. The latest fundraising effort brings Jasper’s total funding to approximately $31 million, the company said in a news release.

Nearly 12,000 cancer patients and their caregivers have used Jasper since the service launched last year, according to the company. And Jasper said its partnership with Employer Direct Healthcare, which was announced in September, will make the digital platform available to EDH’s client base of more than 2 million. 

The platform aims to streamline and simplify cancer care and ensure patients and caregivers are supported throughout the journey with access to cancer care coaches. Its app also provides tools to help manage appointments and report symptoms, side effects and mood. 

“The mission of Jasper Health is to improve the lives of people touched by cancer through meaningful and personalized guidance, reducing the emotional burden of cancer and driving better health outcomes and quality of life,” said Adam Pellegrini, co-founder and CEO of Jasper Health, in an email.

The company’s surveys of patients who use its app found about 70 percent report less stress and anxiety; nearly 80 percent report improved medication adherence; and nearly all said they found it easier to track appointments.

Many healthcare organizations, including cancer treatment centers, offer wraparound services designed to help patients and families navigate and manage hardship after the diagnosis. Organizations ranging from OncoHealth and Carevive work to make the complexities of cancer care easier to manage for patients and providers alike. But Jasper and its funders see its model and planned expansion as putting it in a comprehensive class of its own.

“Jasper is the only end-to-end oncology solution available to both consumers and large enterprises, uniquely positioning the company to improve health outcomes and reduce the costs associated with cancer care for individuals and entire populations,” said Jennifer Schneider, executive-in-residence at General Catalyst who will be joining Jasper’s Board of Directors, in a statement. “Facing a cancer diagnosis is one of the scariest and most overwhelming things a person can experience, but having a proven digital health partner like Jasper will not only transform lives, it also will provide hope when it’s most needed.”

The money raised could also help reduce the amount patients and health organizations spend cancer treatment as the company focuses on value-based care, according to Pellegrini.

“This funding will allow us to go deeper into value-based models as we believe we can deliver on the dream of aligned incentives and reducing the total cost of care while delivering empathy at scale,” he said.

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