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New Kit Check technology seeks to pinpoint drug theft and misuse


Kit Check, a Washington, D.C.-based company focused on automated medication management, has released a new feature: Individual Risk Identification Score (or IRIS), which allows hospital staff to pinpoint employees who pose a high risk for drug diversion. More specifically, the technology relies on machine learning to find abnormal behavior and curb the misuse of controlled substances.

The capability is part of Kit Check’s Bluesight for Controlled Substances, a Saas-based medication diversion detection solution.

In a phone interview, Kit Check co-founder and CEO Kevin MacDonald explained that there are three primary aspects of Bluesight. First, it’s comprehensive. It brings data from various places such as the EMR and the dispensing cabinets into one place.

The second piece is that it’s actionable. “It allows you to fully complete the loop on all those transactions,” MacDonald said.

The third part is where IRIS plays a role. As part of Bluesight, IRIS makes it easier to be exact and specifically point out what hospital staff should look at when it comes to drug diversion.

MacDonald further detailed how problematic drug diversion is. At the hospital, there’s a one in 12 chance that the nurse is diverting drugs, he said. A recent report from Protenus also zeroed in on the issue. The analysis found 18.7 million pills and $164 million were lost due to drug diversion during the first half of this year.

“People who are diverting in the hospital are incredibly creative,” MacDonald added. “They’re going to come up with new ways to do things.”

A clinician at a hospital in one city may switch his or her methods to divert medications. But that doesn’t mean a nurse at a facility elsewhere hasn’t tried that approach. Thus, IRIS will come in handy all the more as additional hospitals utilize the tool.

Currently, Kit Check using a SaaS-based model to sell its technology to its client base of hospitals. MacDonald said his company’s tech can work with multiple EHRs such as Cerner, Epic and Meditech.

In addition to Bluesight and IRIS, Kit Check also offers an automated medication tray management system that relies on RFID tracking to help hospital pharmacies gain insight into their medication usage lifespan.

Back in 2016, the Washington, D.C. organization raised a $15 million Series C round led by Baxter Ventures. Black Granite Capital, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, Sands Capital Ventures and others also participated. It also secured a $12 million Series B round in 2015 and a $10.4 million Series A round in 2013.

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