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At INVEST Precision Medicine, a look at the software behind biopharma R&D



The INVEST Precision Medicine conference coming this week, June 9-11, will turn a spotlight on biopharma innovation. Part of this series of conversations will highlight how technology is being used to support drug development and the big data needs for precision medicine.

One panel discussion, Software Supporting Biopharma R&D (sponsored by Komodo Health) will highlight the growing role of software companies and clinical research organizations (CROs) supporting research and development for drugs and therapeutics. They span analyzing data to identify targets for drug development to avoid pitfalls in therapeutic development and to improve efficiency of clinical trials.

Among the panelists are John Reites, THREAD Research CEO, who will be the moderator, Annie Harris, Director of Technology Enablement, Covance, and Aswin Chandrakantan, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Life Sciences, Komodo Health.

In response to an email, Chandrakantan noted what he thinks is compelling to Komodo Health about biopharma R&D software.

“Whether targeting a large volume of diverse patients for a prevalent chronic condition or exploring breakthroughs for complex rare diseases, it’s crucial to understand where patients are progressing through the care system in order to improve efficiency in clinical trials,” he said.

The panel discussion, Software Supporting Biopharma R&D, is scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 10 from 10:30-11:30 am ET.

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