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Exactly what is a drug-drug interaction?


Exactly what is a drug-drug interaction?

A drug-drug interaction results when 2 or more medications engage with each other in a method that avoids the drug from working as anticipated. The interaction can reduce the efficiency or increase of the medications, trigger unforeseen side impacts, or increase the danger of recognized side results.

Who is at biggest threat for experiencing a drug-drug interaction?

The probability of drug interactions increases as the variety of drugs being taken increases. These medications might be prescription and/or non-prescription (OTC) medications, consisting of vitamins, dietary supplements, and organic medications. Individuals who take various medications are at the greatest threat for a drug-drug interaction.

Exactly what is a drug-food interaction?

A drug-food interaction results when a medication responds in a different way if taken with a food and/or drink. Foods might reduce the absorption of a medication into the blood making the drug less reliable.

Exactly what is a drug-condition interaction?

Taking a medication to which you have an allergic reaction can result in serious breathing and skin responses. Or, you might aggravate your condition (e.g., high blood pressure) by taking an over the counter medication (e.g., decongestant such as pseudoephedrine).

How can I prevent interactions?

1. Know exactly what remains in each medication you take. To do this, thoroughly checked out the labels of all prescription and over the counter (OTC) medications to discover the non-active and active components they include.

2. Know the advantages and dangers of the medications you take. For OTC medications, make sure to check out the “Cautions” and “Other Details” areas of the Drug Realities label.

3. If it is safe to take a medication with your condition(s) or with other medications, vitamins, or organic items you take, ask your medical professional or pharmacist.

Keep a current list of all the prescription and OTC medications, vitamins, and natural items you take. You can access a kind to keep track of your medications at: http://consumermedsafety.org/tools-and-resources/medication-safety-tools-and-resources/taking-your-medicine-safely/keep-track-of-your-medicine.

5. Acquire all of your prescription and OTC medications from one drug store if possible.

Exists a method for me to examine my medications for interactions?

Yes, you can utilize MEDcounselor. MEDcounselor is a high quality, easy to use drug database that uses current and precise info in 3 unique modules, consisting of MEDcounselor Drug Interactions. Or you can get in touch with regional Pharmacists.


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