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Insiteflow raises $2.3M to solve workflow interoperability 


Insiteflow co-founder and CEO Anthony Gerardi. Photo credit: Insiteflow

New interoperability rules carry the promise of finally freeing up all of that data that’s been sitting in EHRs. But there are still several hurdles to making that information useful for clinicians.

While leading a risk adjustment business under the Advisory Board, Anthony Gerardi encountered this problem. His company needed a workflow interoperability solution, but nobody was building one.

“I realized there’s a really big need here,” he said.

After Optum closed its acquisition of Advisory Board, he set out with co-founder Corey Hall to found Insiteflow. The company built a cloud-based platform that makes it easier for clinicians to use third-party analytics tools within their EHR.

This is important because having the data itself doesn’t always close the loop. Gerardi shared the example of an alert that could detect if an infection was resistant to a particular antibiotic.

That information might not come up in the EHR, but a separate clinical surveillance solution that physicians or pharmacists would have to log onto.  Then, they’d have to look up the patient, see the alert, and then log back into the EHR to actually change the prescription, and of course remember the right codes and documentation for that order.

“There are still things clinicians have to do everyday where we’re not making it any easier for them,” he said.

Instead, Insiteflow lets clinicians single sign onto a third-party solution, which shows up as a window in their EHR. It can also help automate the process of writing their decisions into the EHR.

After bootstrapping the company from the start, Insiteflow recently raised $2.3 million in funding, led by Silverton Partners. Its first customers were analytics and health IT solutions, which were looking to use the platform to integrate into EHRs so clinicians can use their solutions seamlessly.

The company plans to use the funds to expand its customer base and build out its platform.

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