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MedicalTek develops MonoStereo 3D endoscope visualization system


Imaging systems manufacturer MedicalTek has developed MonoStereo 3D, which is claimed to be the world’s first and only endoscope visualization system.

With easy-set and easy-alter adjustable 3D effects, the new MonoStereo system features an advanced 3D technology that overcomes the limitations of conventional 3D systems and offers new aspect on surgical imaging.

MonoStereo 3D is a software based system, which enables to switch images from 2D to 3D, as well as switch the 3D effect with five-level disparity respectively either by hands or by feet.

The new system allows critical anatomical views in 2D and 3D with free to choice disparity, which is not possible with traditional MIS.

MedicalTek noted that the 3D image with adjustable disparity offers the customized 3D effects to serve different eye movement and visual perception of each surgeon at different operating environments.

The MonoStereo visualization system has been designed to provide stereo visualization from monoscopic image during the minimally invasive surgery (MIS).

For using this device, MonoStereo requires to connect with 2D endoscopic system and display with a 3D monitor.

The operators can wear the 3D glasses to secure better feedback in real-time during the surgery procedures.

AITS/IRCAD Taiwan director Wayne Huang said: “We are glad to embrace the ultimate solution.

“Those frequent complaint about 3D surgical image systems such as surgeons’ fatigue, dizzy, alleviates significantly through the adjustable 3D effects.”

According to the company, there are more than 120 MIS surgeries with MonoStereo 3D endoscope visualization systems, which were performed by multiple surgeons in ENT, Urology, GI, GS, GYNE, and VAT.

Georges Pompidou European Hospital’s medical doctor specialized in endoscopy Dr Gabriel Rahmi assessed the performance of 3D endoscope visualization system for several months and concluded that the system is more useful in therapeutic endoscopic procedures.

MedicalTek CEO Dr Kai-Che Liu said: “The mission of MedicalTek is to facilitate better clinical experience enabling surgeons to gain confidence and get results.”

MedicalTek is engaged in the development of advanced and user-friendly solutions to the customers in the health and medical industries.

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