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Move Over Green Tea: 5 Types Of Tea That Promote Weight Loss Better!


Move Over Green Tea: 5 Types Of Tea That Promote Weight Loss Better!


  • Tea is one of the most enjoyed drinks out there.
  • Catechins in green tea have actually been known to promote weight loss.
  • There are some natural teas that assist in weight-loss better.

Tea or chai as it’s understood in India, is in the truest sense, a fuel more effective than food. While the health benefits of any particular tea depend on the properties of its leaves and the way it’s ready, there are certain kinds of teas that, among other things, promote weight loss too!
Numerous of us have actually heard about the green tea that has controlled the healthy tea market for several years now. Green tea is a routine function in almost all middle-class homes now and numerous brands, both ayurvedic and industrial, have actually started manufacturing the green tea.

1. White Tea

White tea has actually been known to block new fat cells from forming, while likewise promoting breakdown of fat currently present in the body. White tea is the least processed of all the teas out there. It is a richer source of antioxidants than green tea. It has also been known to enhance digestion, increase resistance and memory and even improve heart health.

2. Oolong Tea

Like green tea, oolong tea is also packed with catechins that help promote fat burn in the body. A study published in Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine claimed that individuals who sipped the tea daily lost as much as 2 kgs of weight in six weeks!

3. Lemon Tea

Lemon has diuretic homes, and for this reason, can help you lose all that water weight. A compound called d-limonene present in lemon skin is useful in minimizing bloating and assists in decreasing weight.

4. Ashwagandha Tea

You may question what that has to do with weight loss. When you’re stressed out or anxious, you’re at the grace of hormonal agents like cortisol that promote fat storage in cells.

5. Peppermint Tea

Mint tea is one of the most reliable teas when it comes to managing yearnings. The scent on the mint leaves has actually been understood to be a hunger suppressant. It also helps you burn more calories.

Tea is one of the very best relaxing beverages out there. It’s a much healthier alternative than coffee and has a lot lots of health benefits. Natural teas in particular can help enhance total health in various ways. What are you waiting for? Time to steep and drink away!


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